My husband Adam and I have been married for nearly 18 years and we began DJ’ing in the Quad Cities in 2006. After doing many, many weddings and birthday parties we decided to try hosting Rock n’ Roll Bingo in February, 2014. It was a slow start at first, as this area had never seen anything like this before. We only did 4-5 bingos our first two years, nearly all of them completely put together by us, until early 2016. We did a bingo fundraiser for a friend, packing a small town bar on a snowy Saturday night and the phone hasn’t stopped ringing since! In 2017 alone we hosted 37 bingos and as of January 2018 we already have 32 booked and have begun booking 2019 dates. Each year our bingo business grows, which I believe is from our hard-work and love of what we do. Adam “Rockstar” pours all of his energy into each bingo fundraiser and it shows in the crowd’s excitement!

Late 2017 we decided to use our experience and love for what we do to expand our business. This is when we started offering RnR Bingo card packages to other businesses all over the US. Bars and DJ’s are now able to order their own bingo cards from us, available in a variety of options.

Plans for 2018 include fun live videos and the creation of a network of brainstorming business owners! Details as available.