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Bingos booked before March 1, 2024 still have the option of playing 10 rounds of regular music bingo with 200 packs of bingo cards. You also have the option of adding the mini games mentioned below to your event. Ask us for details! 

***If your bingo will be in Iowa, please be sure to first read our page "Iowa Clients Please Read"***

So you've locked in a date, paid your deposit, now what? 


What you need to provide:

  • 18-25 bingo prizes

    • We will do approximately 8-10 regular games of bingo, three rounds of Stand Up and Shout (one winner each) and one game of "Getting the Band Back Together", which is played throughout the night with 4 eventual winners.  ​

    • It is possible you will have leftover prizes at the end of the night

    • 7-8 of these prizes are for the mini games and can be smaller prizes if you like. 

  • A couple of volunteers to run the door

    • You'll need some folks to sell your packages of bingo cards and mini game cards to your guests and provide general direction​

  • Whatever else you want to have to make more money for your group that night. This might include raffle baskets, 50/50 drawings, food, etc.​​

What RnR Bingo will provide:

  • 150 packs of bingo cards

    • bingo cards come in packs of 5 and we will play 8-10 games on those five cards. This means some cards will have more than one game played on them. 

    • Yes, players can buy more than one pack so they can play 2 cards at once.

    • Bingo cards can be marked on with pen, markers, daubers, etc. We will no longer be providing bingo chips. 

    • If you think you will need more than 150 packs for your bingo game night, additional packs are available for purchase for $10/25 packs. Please let us know at least 3 days in advance if you will need additional packs of bingo cards

  • 150 Stand Up and Shout Cards

    • This is a game played on a small, bingo-style card. We will play three games throughout the night on the same card. The first two rounds will have just one winner. The final round may produce more than one winner. Because these cards are small, we find most players can easily play 2-3 or more at a time. Most groups will sell additional cards to players for $1 each​

    • If you think you will need more than 150 Stand Up and Shout cards for your bingo game night, additional cards are available for purchase for $10/50. Most of the time we have extra of these cards with us, however please let us know at least three days in advance if you would like to order extra to ensure we  bring them for your event. 

  • 150 cards for "Getting the Band Back Together"

    • This is a fun mini-game that will be played throughout the bingo night, eliminating players until we have just four remaining. Players are allowed to play only one card for the whole night.

    • If you think you will need more than the 150 "Getting the Band Back Together" cards for your bingo game night, additional cards are available for purchase for $10/50. Most of the time we have extra of these cards with us, however please let us know at least three days in advance if you would like to order extra to ensure we bring them for your event. 

  • Sound and emcee services

    • We will keep everything moving throughout the entire night and will assist with calling out raffle ticket numbers, reminding people about silent auction closing times, where  or who they can buy tickets from, etc. Need an announcement made? Just let us know! We are here to help. ​

How to sell your cards:

Each guest should receive a pack of 5 bingo cards, one Stand Up and Shout card and one "Getting the Band Back Together" card as their entry pack. Most groups will sell that for $10-15 and then sell additional 5 packs of cards for $5 (so that players can play more than one bingo card at a time), plus additional Stand Up and Shout cards for $1 each, however you can charge HOWEVER you like. If you only want to provide packs of bingo cards to players as their entry pack and then sell the other game cards as additional add-ons, it is totally up to you. 

How to promote your event:

While RnR Bingo will create a Facebook event page (usually about a month before your event), we strongly encourage you to create your own Facebook event page. RnR Bingo has a following and you will get people come to your bingo just because they enjoy playing, but you also want to promote to your own followers who want to support you. Taking a bit of time to create a Facebook event and list your event on the online community calendars listed below will help a great deal! The more people that know and will share your event, the more likely it is they will see it and come. 




Due to the number of RnR Bingo events we do each month, we pretty much put the same information on our Facebook event pages. (The information we put on our pages is listed below) IF YOUR EVENT has a start time other than 7pm on a Friday or Saturday, if people cannot bring in food, if you are selling cards for a different amount other than $10 and $5, or especially if you are taking reservations, etc. PLEASE let us know! Preferably before we even post our event page

***Please remember, we LOVE it when our groups get creative with their event pages and flyers, however PLEASE help us out by menti
oning in your promotions that the event is hosted by Rock n' Roll Bingo of the Quad Cities and be sure to USE OUR LOGO!! The reason we ask this is because we are working hard to grow our business and we want our fans to see our recognized logo and know this is a RnR Bingo of the QC event and come on out! You are welcome to use either of the logos listed below.


Odds and ends...

  • Final payment is due the day of your event, no exceptions. If you need an invoice in order to write us a check to present at your bingo, please let us know before the day of your event so that we may bring it with us. 

  • We will arrive for set up about 85-90 minutes before the start of your bingo. We do not take long to set up and will have music up and running rather quickly to get the crowd excited as they enter and will continue with sound check, etc. We like to be ready to go at least 30-45 minutes before the start of bingo as Rockstar likes to start making announcements and talking to the players before we even begin. 

  • Raffle Basket Tips:

    • If you are doing raffle baskets (especially if you have quite a few) it makes the process go more smoothly if you have the ticket purchasers write their names on the back of their tickets. It is so much easier to hear your name being called than a series of 6 or 7 numbers on a ticket that each person has to then sort through all of their tickets to find. 

    • It is EXTREMELY helpful to our emcee if you pull the tickets just before he begins to call out the winners. There is no reason to have people see you pulling the tickets. Having them pulled and taped to each basket makes everything go quickly. 

    • The night's agenda typically goes:

      • 2-3 bingo games

      • One round of Stand Up and Shout

      • 1-2 more bingo games

      • 10-15 minute intermission

      • One round of Stand Up and Shout

      • Calling of  SOME raffle baskets (if you have a lot)

      • 1-2 bingo games

      • Final round of Stand Up and Shout

      • 1-2 bingo games

      • Winners of "Getting the Band Back Together" announced

      • Final bingo game(s)

      • ​Remaining raffle baskets
      • 50/50 pull
      • If you have additional things to be done during the night, just let us know. Again, this is what we do and want your night to go well!


I hope this list provides you with everything you need to know about your bingo night with us! If you have additional questions that we didn't cover, please let us know!​​​​


List of online community calendars to post your event:

QC Times:


QC Chamber:




Regional Daily News (radio--93.9, 102.5, 104.7):


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