Looking to plan a RnR Bingo fundraiser? For one fee we provide:

  • 300 bingo cards (additional cards available if needed. Cost is just $10/50. Comes with additional bags of chips)

  • 300 bags of bingo chips

  • Sound

  • Emcee service

  • Stand Up and Shout game—we provide and sell the game sheets, we provide the prizes and we split the proceeds with you!

You provide:

  • Venue

  • A couple people to run the door

  • 10 bingo prizes

  • Anything else you want to make more money for your organization (raffles, baskets, silent auction, bake sale, food, etc.)​

Groups have the opportunity to choose 5 of the following music categories for their event's bingo cards:

  • 60s​

  • 70s

  • 70s Guitar Rock

  • Disco

  • 80s

  • 80s New Wave

  • 90s

  • 90s Grunge

  • 90s Dance Party

  • 00s

  • 10s

  • Songs with colors in the title

  • Songs with numbers in the title

  • Famous songs from movies

  • One-hit wonders

  • Girls that rock

  • Sing-along songs

  • Drinking/party songs​


Choose cards without individual categories and choose just one of the following to cover your entire cards:

  • 60s, 70s, 80s

  • 70s, 80s, 90s

  • 70s to current

  • 80s to current

  • 80s & 90s